SAP Web Services

What are SAP Web Services?

Independent, modular application functions are summarized under the term SAP Web Services. Web services enable automated communication between applications via the Internet. Because the software components are independent, they do not have their own user interface for entering or displaying data.

Web services are accessed via the XM protocol Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), which links client and Web service.

In which area do SAP Web Services find application?

Especially for B2B companies that frequently work with business partners or even across national borders and want to exchange information, SAP Web Services can be of great help. SAP has developed its own XML language – Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) – to represent and handle these business processes. You can use it, for example, to check price requests, credit cards and much more. To work even more efficiently, you can also make your SAP Web Services available to your partners. In this way, you can build comprehensive supply chains.

Where is SAP Web Services used?

The foundation for SAP Web Services is the SAP NetWeaver Application Server. This allows the Web Services to be extended by ABAP or Java developments.

The following is included in the Web Services framework:

  • Development environments
  • SOAP environment
  • supporting tools for UDDI registration (directory service for product and address data)

With the help of the framework, SAP developers can, for example, make SAP BAPIs and other interfaces available as a Web service without any major programming effort. These programs can be configured and monitored via the SOA Manager. The SOA Manager serves as a simplifying tool for selecting and communicating with service providers.

What are the advantages of SAP Web Services?

  • Make information from the productive SAP system available to non-SAP systems
  • Direct system communication
  • Connection of business processes with partner companies
  • Establishment of new business processes

Would you like to learn more about SAP Web Services and what possibilities SAP Web Services can offer your company in particular? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you and show you the possibilities that will further your cooperation with partners.

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