SAP Performance Optimization

If SAP systems run with poor performance, this not only causes discontent among your employees, but also slows down business applications, thus creating unnecessary costs for your company. Numerous tools and techniques promise to optimize the performance of SAP systems. We show which factors really influence performance.

These 3 factors determine SAP performance

Finding the root cause of performance problems becomes a big task with many stakeholders, especially if your SAP system is hosted externally and functions are separated. The search for the weak point then becomes a search for a needle in a haystack.

Three essential factors form the basis for the performance of SAP applications:

  • Hardware equipment
  • Basic settings in the SAP system
  • Structure of your SAP applications and Z programs

As with other IT systems, investing in higher-performance hardware is always the easiest and most sure way to increase performance. An increased CPU, faster-running databases and more powerful application servers will speed up your SAP applications significantly and – even in the case of updates or changes to the programs – sustainably. However, you can only achieve real performance boosts by making basic settings and adjustments to your programs.

Helpful transactions for optimizing the performance of SAP systems

If performance problems occur, you should first debug your SAP system and analyze which statements take a particularly long time to execute. This indicator is of enormous importance and gives you a very good starting point for deeper analysis. Identifying such problems requires experienced SAP consultants who can exploit the technology potential.

But even without Solution Manager or root prompt some information can be collected. The following transactions, for example, are available for this purpose:

  • RSBDCOS0: Use this report to issue commands on operating system level in the context of the SAP system user.
  • OS07N Operating System Monitor: Get a quick overview of memory usage and operating system information. Furthermore, switch between all involved systems and application servers.
  • ST06 – Operating System Monitor: Access values that, for historical reasons, are not available in OS07N or must first be configured.

Secure competitive advantages with SAP performance optimization

Would you like to make your SAP system even faster and get the maximum performance out of it? Contact us without obligation. Our experienced consultants will be happy to support you in optimizing the performance of your SAP environment. As a certified SAP Gold Partner and Partner Center of Expertise, we have been active in the market for many years and know the midmarket inside out. We also support corporate groups in all topics related to SAP Basis.

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