SAP Business Workflow / ABAP Workflow

How SAP Business Workflow works

SAP Business Workflows is used to digitally map business processes for improved definition and coordination.

With the help of the framework, companies can represent complex business processes involving several departments.

Thanks to the modeling interface of the SAP Workflow Builder, individual process passages can be revised quickly and effectively – an overall view of the process is not necessary.

At best, use SAP Workflow for processes that are frequently repeated and contain clearly defined processing steps.

What are the benefits of SAP Business Workflow?

  • Faster and more secure access to important information
  • Lower costs due to less administrative effort
  • Higher process transparency
  • Good communication between departments
  • Optimal archiving
  • Intelligent digital process flows
  • High degree of automation
  • Error minimizing through clearly defined rules
  • Deadlines are automatically checked and monitored

In which areas is SAP Business Workflow used?

SAP Business Workflow is used frequently, especially for approval and release processes, such as vacation days. Many customers also use workflows in conjunction with interactive PDF forms, such as SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe.

Furthermore, SAP Business Workflow is used in the IS-U environment.

Would you also like to automate and optimize your business processes and benefit from the supporting advantages of SAP Workflows? Contact us, our SAP consultants are always ready to answer your questions and provide you with detailed and competent advice. We are happy to discuss conception, development as well as individual customization, updates and maintenance.

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