SAP S/4HANA Industry Solution


CPQ für die Maschinenbauindustrie

SAP S/4HANA for the logistics sector

To ensure the highest delivery quality all the time, it is essential that goods be transported from A to B at all times and with no delays. To ensure that all goods reach their destination as quickly as possible, clearly structured warehouse systems and warehouse organizations are of crucial. Thanks to the latest technologies and real-time data processing, these processes can be carried out efficiently nowadays. For this, a logistics company needs a system that speaks the language of its customers: SAP.



Delivering goods with no delay

Goods must arrive at their destination on time at all times. Otherwise, a supplier quickly loses their customers. To prevent this and ensure a fast process, the process from the ordering of goods through to delivery must be impeccably mapped digitally, so that the respective data is available at all times in order to be able to react quickly if necessary.


Coordinating deliviers

From warehouse employees to truck drivers, all processes and communication between them must be guaranteed at all times. This means that data can also be collected and imported into the ERP system regardless of the location.


Outrun the competition

In the industry of suppliers and their customers (mostly machine and plant manufacturers or companies from the manufacturing technology sector), everyone usually speaks the same language: SAP. However, to temporarily outpace the competition and gain advance, migrating to S/4HANA is a big step in the right direction. In addition to the increase in efficiency, companies can also record an increase in service and quality.

Herausforderungen in der Logistikbranche meistern



SAP HANA Migration - Systemvoraussetzungen

Initial consultation and S/4HANA workshop

  • Get answers to the following questions: Why SAP as an ERP system? What benefits can SAP S/4HANA offer my company in particular? What is the scope of the implementation? What does my company have to prepare – what will abilis take over?
  • The workshop serves to analyze your business processes in order to determine what we need to alter in the industry solution so that it is tailored specifically to your company.


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SAP HANA Migration - Umsetzungsanalyse

Data cleansing, migration and system deployment

  • In this phase, our SAP Basis experts get started and take care of everything that runs in the background, so that you can use your S/4HANA system flawlessly with high performance and the full range of functions.
  • Provisioning of the systems and setup of the SAP HANA database or additional DBs, such as Sybase.
  • Data cleansing to avoid errors and redundancies in the new system. Because only good data creates smoothly running business processes.


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SAP HANA Migration - Datenadministration

Fit-Gap-Analysis for a customized ERP system

  • Of course, since every company has a different structure as well as different processes, the industry solution needs to be refined and customized according to your specific company.
  • In order to do this, we perform a fit-gap analysis to identify in detail what changes we need to make to the system. In addition to individual customizing in the system, we add SAP Add-Ons to optimize processes that fit your workflows and circumstances. Furthermore, we integrate other SAP applications, such as SAP Ariba, if required.
  • At the end of this phase, you receive the standardized industry solution, but tailored specifically to your company.

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SAP HANA Migration - Systembereitstellung

Implementation of the industry solution abilis4logistics

  • Now the standardized industry solution is imported onto your S/4HANA system.
  • You can find out which processes and additional functions it contains further down on the website. In addition to the SAP standard processes, abilis provides you with process applications with the industry solution, which give you great advantages in competition.


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SAP HANA Migration - Test und Go-Live

End-user trainings and support

  • To help your employees get familiar with the new system more quickly, we naturally provide in-depth training. From key users to end users who do not need the system that often.
  • The system functionality as well as the business processes are tested extensively and optimized if necessary.
  • We will also be happy to provide you with support after the migration.


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An ERP digitally maps real business processes, optimizes them and provides a good overview of all resources in a company. It is important to know that all company processes are interdependent. This means that all information must be well maintained at all times so that the processes can function across the board. Some functionalities can therefore be found in several processes.

Materials Management

  • Mapping of procurement processes for materials and services
  • Listing of supplier selection
  • Planning, recording and verifying goods movements within a company
  • Order process monitoring
  • Mapping and maintenance of material stocks according to quantities and values
  • Inventory support (can be sufficiently mapped in SAP MM, especially for smaller companies)

Sales & Distribution

  • Processes from customer contact to the preparation of quotations and the sale of goods
  • Foreign trade processes and customs clearance
  • Credit management
  • Transport and shipping management
  • Maintenance of condition types and records
  • Order management
  • Invoicing
  • Close interconnection with other modules so that goods movements are recorded and material stocks are always kept up to date
  • Monitoring of payment orders as well as returns and customer complaints

Transport Management

  • Streamline and integrate transport management processes
  • Create customized transport plans
    Optimize and consolidate shipments (both inbound and outbound) – domestic and international
  • Buy or sell freight capacity to save costs and strategically manage your orders
  • Optimize transport logistics – no delivery delays
  • Reporting capabilities for comprehensive logistics and transportation data

Warehouse Management

  • Mapping of the warehouse in the SAP system: inventory management with the exact location of a good as well as the management of the warehouse
  • Goods receipts and issues, transfers or even newly received goods
  • Good for complex medium and large warehouse systems
  • Continuous inventory (can also be automated by an SAP Add-On by abilis) and general warehouse controlling

Producion Planning

  • Mapping of production processes
  • Finding the required production types
  • Planning current and future demands and required production quantities
  • Planning of work schedules
  • Planning the production of different goods
  • Controlling and monitoring production
  • Resource controlling as well as cost analysis of company-wide productions
  • Planning of material and capacity requirements
  • Monitoring of requirements as well as current and predicted key figures in the operative business
  • Individual adjustments of production types and processes

Finances & Controlling

  • General ledger and sub ledger accounting
    Business partner management (accounts receivable and accounts payable)
  • Document entry (required accounts)
  • Complete balance sheet and individual document verification
  • Profit and loss statement: e.g. profit determination for the tax office, but also for internal calculations
  • Internal evaluations
  • Cost analysis and control
  • Maintenance of cost types and cost rates
    Product cost accounting


SAP has significantly reduced the size of the business suite core by no longer mapping some processes, or by changing or combining them. We have extended the digital core of the SAP system with some of our in-house developments in order to meet the requirements of your industry.

Upon request and after joint determination of your individual needs, we will of course be happy to integrate further SAP Add-Ons by abilis. You can find further add-on solutions in our SAP AddOnStore.

Server-Management für Karlsruhe


Do you want to send out quotations to your customers with the latest bill of material prices according to your needs and calculate products down to the smallest material part? This is possible with the CPQ solution calcIT.

Backup-Management für Karlsruhe


Optimize your preference calculations and automate all your foreign trade processes. Our helpful add-ons are directly available to you in the industry solution.

Client-Management für Karlsruhe


Quickly obtain information on exceeded stock ranges and process the individual items directly from the SAP application.

ISP-Management für Karlsruhe


Optimize your logistics with mobile solutions from our partner Mobisys. Record warehouse movements regardless of location using mobile scanner solutions and accelerate your processes. All this is provided by this industry solution.

Certified S/4HANA industry solution abilis4logistics

– We are your certified partner –

Through our abilis approach, we have designed an S/4HANA industry solution to deliver a standardized yet customized SAP system to our customers faster:

  • Provide pre-configured business processes and “project accelerators” for efficient, easy and fast customer implementations.
  • Proven business scenarios, which are constantly evolving.
  • abilis SAP add-ons, which have proven themselves within the implementations of abilis GmbH and are applied in further implementations.
Zertifikat S/4HANA Branchenlösung abilis4logistics


 abilis Data Center

Hosted in our in-house mirrored ISO 27001 certified data center, your SAP systems are highly available and secure at all times.

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SAP on Azure

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure expert, we can host your SAP environment in the Azure cloud according to your needs.

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On Premises

We are happy to set up your SAP environment on premises. We are of course available to provide support at any time.

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