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Make your systems more efficient with the innovative SAP add-ons by abilis and the process automation solutions by flowDOCS. Time-consuming and error-prone processes will be streamlined and optimised, allowing your staff to focus on important strategic tasks. Our numerous certified solutions ease your day-to-day operations and ensure enormous time and cost savings.


Automate your commercial processes

Efficiency and flexibility are two of the most crucial success factors for companies today. Unfortunately, many business processes often remain stiff and complex – a problem that reduces your company’s competitiveness. Luckily, we have the solution. With our flowDOCS solutions you can automate and digitalise processes in your company, ensuring maximum efficiency – today and in the future.

Automate the incoming invoice process
For companies that receive a large number of invoices every day it is extremely time consuming to process these manually. With invoiceLine by flowDOCS you can save enormous amounts of time thanks to the SAP-integrated freeform recognition that directly records and processes your invoices in SAP.

Automatically process order confirmations
Order confirmations from suppliers are essential for clear-cut processes. Sadly, the transfer of order confirmations into the SAP system is complex and error prone. With confirmationLINE your order confirmations are automatically linked and cross-checked with your order in the SAP system.

Record and check offers in SAP
Manually recording offers in SAP is a cumbersome process. With offeringLINE by flowDOCS you can skip this task. Thanks to system-supported receipt recognition, information in the offer is identified before it is automatically transferred to the SAP system and directly linked to a request. 

Process orders in one central space
Orders can come in through a diverse set of channels. For example via EDI, email, or mail. Thanks to orderingLINE, it is possible to process all orders in one central space. Order data is interpreted, checked for restrictions and processed further in the SAP system.


Suitable solutions for every company and industries

 In our abilis AddOnStore we are offering countless ready-made add-ons to support your work in the SAP system. Our add-ons can be used with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA and can be customised according to your needs. You are looking for a solution that is not currently on offer in our add-on store? No problem! Together with our developers we can find the right solution for you.

Process optimisation for procurement and stocktaking

Purchase Info Record Cockpit

Supplier quotes via AIF

Monitoring of supplier backlog

Automatic WM stocktaking

SAP Standard does not ideally support your procurement and  stocktaking processes. Our add-ons tackle this problem for you.

Process optimisation in disposition and production

With our innovative SAP add-ons you can expand beyond SAP Standard in the areas of disposition and production, enabling you, for instance, to create sales forecasts.

Uniform ABC-/XYZ Analysis

Optimise replenishment times

Consumption monitoring

Optimise discontinuations

Optimise sales and service processes

Upload of purchase and sales prices

Custom SAP SD forms in MS-Word

Custom MS-Word quotes in SAP

Manage entry certificates

Optimise interaction betwen sales and service in your company with our solutions. With our add-ons you can optimise quote creation in SAP and save costs through entry certificates. 

Optimise export procedures in SAP 

Customs processing in SAP is extremely time consuming. Our add-ons provide you with solutions to optimise your company’s export procedures in SAP, saving you not only customs duties but also time.

LE + PK export for S/4HANA

Automatic supplier declaration request

Maintenance of preferential rules

Automatic preference calculation

Further solutions & SAP Mini AddOns

Extended balance and P&L visualisation

Online exchange rate update

Online turnover tax-ID check

Reset passworts in SAP

 In our AddOnStore you can find many more solutions that will simplify your day-to-day operations and processes. Our Mini AddOns can help you optimise your SAP system quickly and at a low price.

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Haven’t found the right solution yet? Visit our SAP AddOnStore!

In our SAP AddOnStore we are offering 44 ready-made and certified solutions to ease your day-to-day business. All our add-ons can be used with SAP ERP ECC and SAP S/4HANA.




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