S/4HANA-Migration: From SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA in 5 Steps



SAP HANA Migration - Systemvoraussetzungen

System Requirements and Options

  • The Business Scenario Recommendation Report (BSR-Report) shows which business scenarios you can implement with S/4HANA and how you can improve certain transactions
  • In the Fiori Apps Recommendation Report (FAR-Report) you can see which SAP Fiori apps your business processes support and simplify
  • Presenting SAP S/4HANA Innovations (AI – artificial intelligence, SAP Leonardo, etc.)
  • S/4HANA Strategic Approaches – Greenfield or Brownfield?


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SAP HANA Migration - Umsetzungsanalyse

Analysis of the SAP Environment

  • Checking the system readiness with SAP S/4HANA Readiness Check
  • Through the application of SAP Pathfinders you get recommendations concerning the Business-Suite-Extensions, Cloud-Extensions and which innovations your company optimizes
  • Hardware-Check (complete IT-Infrastructure including server, interfaces etc.)
  • Detailed Custom-Code-Check including the analysis of the added User-Exits, as well as the Z-Programs
  • The Simplification Items Catalogue provides a list of all changes, which can occur in case of a migration from SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA and which could possibly lead to incompatibility problems
  • Presentation of the results of the introduction of an individual S/4HANA Roadmap by means of company processes, system size and visions of the future (for example use of SAP Leonardo)


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SAP HANA Migration - Datenadministration

Administration and Data Quality Audit

  • Data analysis, for example, different data sources, data types, etc.
  • Revision of the master data
  • Analysis of the concepts of roles and rights, as well as a detailed documentation
  • Definition of the technical target system landscape
  • Final budgeting of all realization phases


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SAP HANA Migration - Systembereitstellung

System Deployment: Migration, Development, and Customizing

  • Hardware Provision
  • Provision of a Sandbox System (optional, however, we recommend it to our clients)
  • Data bank migration without affecting the ongoing operation of the system
  • Installation of SAP S/4HANA
  • Customizing of the S/4HANA system (general system settings, as well as configuration of the modules in use)
  • Additional developments (SAP Fiori, process adjustments outside the S/4HANA core)
  • Configuration of the SAP Fiori apps & installation of Gateway/oData


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SAP HANA Migration - Test und Go-Live

Training, Tests, and Go-Live

  • User Training
  • Testing the system functionality and the company processes by abilis and by the clients themselves
  • Coordination and documentation of the data base
  • Go-live – productive work on the system


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Systemvoraussetzungen und Möglichkeiten

  • Der Business Scenario Recommendation Report (BSR-Report) zeigt auf, welche Geschäftsszenarien Sie mit S/4HANA umsetzen können und wie Ihre Abläufe durch gewisse Transaktionen verbessert werden
  • Welche SAP Fiori Apps Ihre Geschäftsprozesse vereinfachen und unterstützen, erfahren Sie durch den Fiori Apps Recommendation Report (FAR-Report)
  • Vorstellung SAP S/4HANA Innovationen (KI – künstliche Intelligenz, SAP Leonardo, etc.)
  • S/4HANA-Strategieansätze – Greenfield oder Brownfield?

Analyse der SAP-Umgebung

  • Prüfung der System-Readiness mit dem SAP S/4HANA Readiness Check
  • Durch den Einsatz des SAP Pathfinders erhalten Sie Empfehlungen bezüglich Business-Suite-Erweiterungen, Cloud-Extensions und welche Innovationen Ihr Unternehmen optimieren
  • Hardware-Check (gesamte IT-Infrastruktur inklusive Server, Schnittstellen, usw.)
  • Detaillierter Custom-Code-Check inklusive der Analyse hinzugefügter User-Exits sowie Z-Programmen
  • Der Simplification Items Catalog listet alle Änderungen auf, die bei einem Umstieg von SAP ERP auf SAP S/4HANA auftreten und möglicherweise zu Inkompatibilitätsproblemen führen könnten
  • Ergebnispräsentation durch Aufsetzen einer individuellen S/4HANA Roadmap anhand der Unternehmensprozesse, Systemgröße und Zukunftsvisionen (z. B. Einsatz von SAP Leonardo)

Administration und Prüfung der Datenqualität

  • Datenanalyse, z. B. der verschiedenen Datenquellen, Datentypen, usw.
  • Bereinigung der Stammdaten
  • Analyse des Rollen- und Rechte-Konzepts sowie dessen detaillierte Dokumentation
  • Definition der technischen Ziel-Systemlandschaft
  • Finale Budgetierung aller Realisierungsphasen

Systembereitstellung: Migration, Entwicklung und Customizing

  • Hardware bereitstellen
  • Bereitstellung eines Sandbox-Systems (optional, jedoch raten wir unseren Kunden zum Einsatz einer Sandbox)
  • Datenbank-Migration, ohne den laufenden Betrieb zu beeinflussen
  • Installation von SAP S/4HANA
  • Customizing des S/4HANA-Systems (Allgemeine Systemeinstellungen sowie Konfiguration der eingesetzten Module)
  • Zusatz-Entwicklungen (SAP Fiori, Prozessanpassungen außerhalb des S/4HANA-Kerns)
  • Konfiguration von SAP Fiori Apps & Einrichtung Gateway/oData

Schulungen, Tests und Go-Live

  • Anwender-Schulungen
  • Test der Systemfunktionalität und den Geschäftsprozessen durch abilis und Kunde
  • Abstimmung und Dokumentation des Datenbestands
  • Es kann losgehen: Systemfreigabe – produktives Arbeiten am System

Successful System Conversion from SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA

– We are your certified partner-

Within the framework of the SAP Partner Program „10Steps2S4“, as SAP gold partners, we carry out the complete system conversion from SAP ERP 6.0 EHP xx (AnyDB) to SAP S/4HANA 1790 within two weeks.

The conversion will take place on a system landscape, provided by SAP, in 10 individual steps. All necessary steps leading to S/4HANA are successfully implemented by the following:

  • Readiness-Check
  • Custom Code
  • Customer Vendor Integration (CVI)
  • Consistency Checks
  • Customizing
  • Convert Architecture
  • Activation and configuration of Fiori Apps

During this two-week training, we have managed to further develop our expertise by means of practical examples. Therefore, as a certified SAP partner, we can fully support you during the harmonisation of HANA.

SAP HANA System-Konversion nach 10Steps2S4


How can my company best prepare itself for a migration to S/4HANA?

How can my company best prepare itself for a migration to S/4HANA?

Set yourself detailed goals and ask yourself what you want to achieve with the implementation of S/4HANA. Do you want to optimize your company’s processes, to better organize, and if necessary to clean up the master data management or to push the digitalization of the company? A good resources planning, as well as an early organizational management is essential. The simplification and optimization of the company’s processes change also the workflow for your employees. That is why, it is recommended that you involve these steps on time in the implementation process.

Learn more on our blog post „10 Tips for a Successful Implementation of SAP S/4HANA“

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When is the right time for a migration to S/4HANA?

When is the right time for a migration to S/4HANA?

The right time is now! Do not postpone a migration or implementation of S/4HANA. Then, depending on the complexity of your SAP environment or your company’s structure (more subsidiaries with the same SAP data) a migration to S/4HANA can take more than a year. Until 2025, everything must be completed and field-tested, because then SAP stops the support for the current SAP-ERP Systems, which means that there will be no more system and security updates. Seize the chance for further development, stay competitive or become a pioneer in the field of digitalization.


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What costs should we expect and how long does a migration to S/4HANA last?

What costs should we expect and how long does a migration to S/4HANA last?

Generally speaking, as a mid-size company it can take ca. 1 year. Do not forget that good planning is essential in this case, that is why you should plan for this purpose additionally ca. 6 up to 12 months. This is, however, individual and depends on your company and its processes. Have in mind that with SAP systems which have been developed and altered for many years and must now be cleaned up because of the introduction of S/4HANA, it takes longer time.
The rough estimation of the costs for the implementation of S/4HANA in a mid-sized company with around 500 employees is around 350.000€ – 500.000€.

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You want to implement a SAP System in your company?

As a full SAP service provider and a long-time certified SAP Gold Partner, we can provide you with efficient and according to your need consultation. Implementation of SAP and the complete SAP Application Management Support belong to our core competency. Do not hesitate to contact us.



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