SAP Knowledge Base

SAP Business Connector

Connection of multiple SAP systems

SAP Business Process Monitoring

Monitoring and control of business processes

SAP Infrastruktur

SAP Basis support for an optimal SAP infrastructure

SAP Monitoring

Proactive error detection through regular monitoring of SAP systems

SAP Performance Optimierung

How to sustainably optimize the performance of your SAP systems

Service Level Agreements

Clearly define response times and troubleshooting times with SLAs

SAP Web Services

Independent, modular application functions for automated communication between applications

SAP Abwesenheitsanträge

Clear absence management


Employee and manager self-management simple and clear

SAP Fiori in SAP HCM

Simple user guidance through SAP Fiori in SAP HCM

SAP HCM Berechtigungen

Present employee authorizations in a clear and structured manner with the help of a concept

SAP Talent Management

Recruiting and talent development with the help of SAP SuccessFactors

SAP Business Workflow / ABAP Workflow

Digital mapping of business management processes

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